Family Towing

We care about helping with towing services.

1905 Old Middlefield Way - Suite 2
Mountain View, CA 94043

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About Us
More than three decades towing and mechanical experience

"Our family takes care of yours!"

We have more than tree decades of knowledge and experience in towing, repairing and maintaining cars. Adding a lifetime of being car, motors and machinery enthusiasts ourselves, this combination becomes the base for everything we do, which translates in providing an experienced service with true care.

One of our values we work and live by is "Our family takes care of yours!" and we mean it. We practice it every day in any business interaction with every client.

In some cases we have been called by families in vacation stranded at the side of the road, and they have driven in the truck back to safety and comfort. Our truck cabins can provide a ride to up to 5 people so we are used to drive with our clients.

We know that a car emergency can add unexpected stress disrupting a day or plan. Besides solving the towing or emergency problem, we understand what our clients are going through, so it becomes an opportunity for us to help them transform a bad day into a better one!p>

Towing needs are in most cases stressful situations, we know it, we do care, and this is why we treat you like family.