Midweight towing in San Francisco Bay Area
Midle and Heavy-Duty towing in Sunnyvale and the San Francisco Bay Area
Midweight towing for trucks, machines, RVs in Mountain View, Sunnuyvale and the San Francisco Peninsula.
Family Towing is a famiy owned company offering all types of towing and transpotation services in Moumntain Viewe and the San Francisco Peninsula

Family Towing

Medium, Heavy Duty and Regular Towing Services for Road Emergencies, Short and Long Distances in the San Francisco Bay Area.

1905 Old Middlefield Way - Suite 2
Mountain View, CA 94043

[Our Sister Towing Company in the San Francisco Bay]

Rapidly Expanding Towing Company


  • A few self motivated tow drivers with experiance
  • 2 Shifts available

If this fits you please contact:
Manny Herrera

Medium, Heavy duty and Regular Towing Services
Road emergency, car or truck towing, short & long distance towing.
Modern Trucks and Decades of Experience.

"We care, we know what we do, and we're experienced."


Towing includes a lot of different types of vehicles or loads as well as circumstances. From Medium and Heavy Duty to regular towing, we are used to deal with almost anything you can imagine, from families stranded on the road with a broken car or out of gas to towing golf carts and trees.

Many years of experience is what truly counts when something unexpected happen. We have dealt with so many different towing situations, vehicles and loads to tow or transport that you can be sure that whatever your situation and needs are we will solve your towing need fast and with the highest efficacy.

One of our satisfactions is having many clients repeatedly ask for our towing services, as well as many referring us to their friends.

Towing, Road Emergency & Transportation Services
We are ready to provide you an outstanding towing!

Our personel has many years of experience in towing as well as in solving road-side emergencies.

Towing & Emergency Services

  • Lockout
  • Flat tire
  • Cars
  • Pickups
  • Trucks
  • Golf Carts
  • We can carry up to 5 people in the cabin

Transportation Services

  • Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Machinery
  • Containers
  • Trees
  • We transport virtually anything!